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Jumping the gun..

Not actually, but I really want to! I had everything planned for a May 2013 wedding. But, unfortunately do to finances, had to push the entire thing back a year. Of course, today, the dress that I had already chosen goes on sale for nearly 60% off! I'm so resisting the urge to buy them anyway for my girls.

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Re: Jumping the gun..

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    If you are talking your dress, get the deal. If you're talking bridesmaid dresses & your wedding isn't until 2014, wait. Reason being is what if your friendship with any of your girls changes between now & then. Also there is the possibility that someone may find out in about a year that they can't be in the wedding due to some conflict like work or maybe pregancy. Then even though you saved money, it will be wasted unless you can find someone the same size to add to your party.
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