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What color bra?

I'm sure this has been asked before, but I don't feel like going through 200 pages to find the answer. What color bra should I wear? My dress is white. I usually wear a nude strapless in everyday life, but I'm thinking the white would look more like the dress if it showed. Any suggestions?

Re: What color bra?

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    Agreed. Sewing in cups will make you feel like your really being held into your dress. I had a nude bra under my prom dress and it felt so uncomfortable with a bra and a tight dress around the chest area. Go for comfort and get the cups in. If you do decide bra, nude would be the best choice to be safe.

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    I would get cups sewn in. I am busty (38 DD) and when I tried on my dress with the seamstress, I felt like like I was supported, without being uncomfortable. I haven't had my wedding yet, but so far so good. 
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    If you choose to wear a bra, you want it to match your skin tone.   Nude is just not the same color on everyone.  I am ultra light skinned so a pale pink best matches my skin tone.  The white bra under a white gown is more visible than a skin tone bra under a white gown.   A "nude" bra that doesn't match your skin tone is also way to visible.

    FWIW,  I am another busty woman who wore sewn in cups with my gown.

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    i think you should go for white. not only because it matches the dress but it would be nice to see no other color involved in your outfit. plus it will not caught any attention and all white will make pure and innocent aura :)

    but yeah i guess no bra and cups can work also. i think it would be more approriate.
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    No bra.  Ask your seemstress if they can sew in cups for you.  It is way more comfortable and you don't have to worry about re-adjusting. 
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    No bra (cups sewn in) or if you must, nude. If it were to show, white shows under white, nude doesn't
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    No bra in your dress and then wearing a nubra would be nice.
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