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Has anyone ever heard of Tide Buy?

Is this a real thing or would someone not get what they think they are ordering?

Re: Has anyone ever heard of Tide Buy?

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    I purchsed from Tidebuy November 2011. I do not recommend them!

    1) Dresses are not original. They TRY to copy the dress from the picture. They failed miserably. See picture below:

    2) My dress didn't fit. I was sad to realized I have to ship BACK TO CHINA at my own expense! If they approve of course, which up till now March 2012 they have not.

    3) Poor quality. I have given up and considered my money lost. I tried to sell or give away the dress, but it started falling apart on my first prospect!

    4) Don't be fooled, dresses are always the same price, they are not really on sale.

    Dress I ordered:

     Dress I received... in a plastic bag..shipped half across the world, very, very wrinkled... 4 sizes too small... someone did me the favor to try on this dress for me:

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