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eShakti for BM Dresses?

Has anyone here used eShakti for their BM dresses? I'm a little concerned about the quality. I mean i'm not expecting something made like a calvin klein dress, but they do need to look nice and well made from a few feet away. I'm okay if there are a few imperfections that can only be detected upon close inspection.

 Eshakti is the only place I have been able to find a BM dress that I actually like. Why oh why don't more companies make simple cotton BM dresses!?! I mean really, all I want is a cotton poplin dress in purple. Something like any one of these from eShakti 

 I've checked every department store, and online store I can think of, and no luck. (If anyone can find dresses similar to those please point me in their direction!)

So before I decide on eShakti I'd like to get some feedback from people who have used them for bridesmaid dresses. I've read some reveiws online and they are generally positive, but I haven't found anyone who has used them for bridesmaid dresses. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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