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Dress second thoughts

So I'm not getting married until next Sept. but since I'm a size 2 and really short, I decided to buy my dress about 10ish mos early. I went to three stores and tried on about 15 dresses before buying one. I was in a hurry during the appt due to my mom's surprise bday party and the dress was under budget so I impulsively bought it. 
Now, when I look at pictures my mom took of it, I like some, but don't like others. It isn't the ballgowny dress I always imagined myself in.. but I remember really liking it during the fitting. 
It could just be that the sample was an 8 and I had to order a 2, but has anyone else had serious anxiety about possibly haven chosen the wrong dress? Is it normal? I won't get to see MY dress until March when it gets in but I'm terrifyed I won't feel the same way I did when I first tried it on... 
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Re: Dress second thoughts

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    Thanks for your support and sharing your stories! My dress just came in and fit like a glove! If I had been thinking logically I would have realized that of course a size 8 would look substantially bulkier than the size 4 I ordered. All is well!!!
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