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Nickel Allergy-David's Bridal

I bought some jewlery from David's Bridal awhile ago, but the salesperson was unable to tell me whether it contained Nickel or not.  Does anyone know the answer to this?  I sure do not want to break out in hives at the altar!


Re: Nickel Allergy-David's Bridal

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    All I would say is better safe than sorry...I would go with something else
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    I wouldn't risk it ...not for your wedding.  You can get some pretty sterling jewelry
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    Unless the packaging says 'sterling silver' or 'hypoallergenic' I wouldn't trust it.
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    Even most sterling silver jewelry has nickel in it.

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    Since you already own it, wear it around the house one day. If you break out, toss it or sell it. If not, you are probably ok for the wedding!
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    Thanks everyone!  I can wear some fashion jewlery so I don't know if it is a nickel allergy or not.

    arllinma-  Good idea, I will try this!

    baystateapple- You are right.  I went to Dillards today and the ladies pretty much told me that nothing was made without nickel.  Crazy.
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    Some white gold even contains nickel, but it's rhodium plated so it doesn't bother me.  For some reason, I'm ok with sterling silver as long as it's clean but other metals cause an allergic reaction if I wear them for more than a day or so.
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