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Shoe help

Hey all

I need some shoe advice.  Which is very abnormal, because I very rarely have shoe issues. 

this is my dress:

My BMs are wearing full length Davids Bridal gowns in "sangria".     I really wanted to match my shoes to the sangria color. It's such a pretty color and I really wanted to add a touch of color and some bling to my dress, and was hoping the shoes would do it.   So, I go to DB today and fall in love with a pair of shoes.  The sales person says they COME in sangria. Don't have to be dyed... fit perfectly, super comfy.  Perfect, right?   Until I get to the register and she realizes they don't actually come in Sangria.  Only plum (and probably 10 other colors, but not Sangria).

these were the shoes I wanted:   

So...   I tried on a couple pair of the dyable ones, and they all pretty much felt like payless shoe source shoes.  Super uncomfortable and "cheap" feeling.  They had one pair of shoes that could be ordered in Sangria, but they had a huge bow on it that was pretty solidly glued on, and would be very hard to remove to add a broach or shoe clip wthout risking ruining the shoe.  And, it wasn't nearly as comfortable. 

Fast forward. I feel like I have looked everywhere for sangria shoes.  Everything seems to be either very purple, or very burgundy, and sangria is in between.  

I'm not opposed to doing something with multi colored glitter, as long as wine/sangria was the primary color.  Everything I'm finding is pretty much silver.  I need to stay below 4 inches, but I'd be happier with 3.

Any suggestions?  Does anyone have any shoe magic they can send me?


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