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Dress Shopping :(

So, I have my first appointment to go shopping for my wedding dress next Tuesday.  I know that this should be exciting, but I am terified.  The problem is that I am currently a size 14-16 and this is a lot bigger than I am really comfortable with.  I have started a diet and exercise plan already.  I hope to lose 3 dress sizes by my wedding next June.

My biggest fear about dress shopping right now if that none of the sample sizes will fit me.  I would be humiliated if I was too big to try an the dresses that I may like.  I was curious to see how everyone elses experiences with dress shopping were.  Is this just me having an irrational fear?  Thank you all for your stories and advice!
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Re: Dress Shopping :(

  • I went to a sample sale and when I was starting to look I was a size 12 and was really disheartened because only a few of the dresses fit me. I did go to Davids and didn't really like anything there, and ended up going to a smaller bridal shop that had a larger variety of sizes. I did fall in love with a dress there that was pretty tight on me when I tried it on and was nervous that the dress I ordered would be too small once it came in, but I lost around 20 pound in the meantime and it actually almost was too big on me when the wedding came around.

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  • When you call salons to make appointments, ask what sizes they stock for their samples.  Ask you local board for recommendations.  I am a 20 so I asked and found some stores carried a variety of sizes and others didn't.  I was able to try a lot of gowns on (hint - corset backs are very forgiving and you can get into on much smaller size that you need to give an idea of what it will look like - my dress sample was a 16 and still looked great from the front - not so much on the back!).

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  • That was the size that I was when I started looking. I have lost 30 lbs and still losing. I started being very concerned about my weight and not being able to try to things on. The things I knew wouldn't work would be the mermaid because I have large hips. You need to go in with an open mind because the thought of it made me sad and made it more difficult. It was great to just relax and have a good time. Though dresses may not fit completely it's usually enough to get a good idea. Also, so many places either have larger sample sizes or a "plus" section. I'm a 12-14 and I don't consider myself plus at all but whatever to them. My advice would to just be realistic, if it's a sample size 4, it won't fit, no sense in trying it on. Also, the second you know it doesn't work, TAKE IT OFF. The longer you look at something bad, the worse you feel about yourself! You'll have a great time, enjoy it, we only get to do this once!!!
  • The store where I went to has tons of plus sizes to try on, but it's in pennsylvania.  it's called stephanie's bridal......they were very accommodating to the larger girl.  good luck!
  • Corset dresses...they are a god send.  I am that size, but with corset dresses, I could slip on dresses from an 8 all the way up to a 28!  The truly are wonderful...
  • Must love the corset- and checking with people in your area  about stores and what their sizes are.. im an 18 usually and had a good selection to try on at a local botique- we dont have davids bridal here..
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  • I hate to say it-but try Davids Bridal. I'm a size 18 and was afraid I wouldn't be able to try anything on. Although DBs is lackluster in the area of customer service-the ability to freeform and try on dresses in MY size was amazing. If you're a bit unhappy with your midsection-I would definitely try on style #9V9743-I bought it a year ago (my wedding date is 6/4/2011) and still have had no regrets buying it. Its silk chiffon so its really loose, flowy but elegant and simple. 
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  • I second David's Bridal.  I went there and they had every size in all of my choices..it was a great experience ( i was a size 18 at the time)   My salesgirl Ami, made feel so comfortable and relaxed.  :)
  • I have looked at the dresses at David's Bridal.  The price on them is great, but unfortunately I don't think any of them right now really fit my style.  I like the satin gowns w/embellishments. 

    I want to go this first time to get an idea.  I want to hold off on buying for a few months.  I hope to lose at least 3 dress sizes in the next 6-8 months.  I know it can get very expensive if you have to take in a dress more than 2 sizes.  I don't want to order too small just in case I don't lose it either.

    Hopefully, everything will go well on Tuesday!
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