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Where to buy inexpensive slip and bra?

Looking to purchase online(hoping to beat bridal store prices) but would like a reputable source. Even considered buying used slip...

Any website suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Re: Where to buy inexpensive slip and bra?

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    Why online?  I like to try things on first.  And not to sound like an idiot or anything, but what about Walmart or Kohl's (they always have coupons).  Or if you are looking for something specific that you can't get at one of these places, we need more info.
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    My dress isn't super poofy.
    I think I need only a medium-light slip to push out the dress a bit...

    Not sure if those stores carry bridal slips...
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    Have you checked the Wedding Classified Board?  You could even post what you're looking for there.
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    I got a brand new medium fullness david's bridal slip with tags on it from ebay for $10.  It goes for 49  wedding classified are good and also
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    I bought mine from Mine was a medium full and less than $60 with shipping (don't remember exact price) I love these because the waist band is velcro and not a draw string plus its not a drop waist type, those are tight on my hips.

    You can get a a "little full" crinny for $39.95, they have a 10% off code on the site right now and shipping is $9
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    I'm renting my crinny from the bridal shop for $35.
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