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Wedding jewelry opinions! (PIP/longish)

So I've been searching long and fruitlessly (up until now) to find my wedding jewlery.  I fell in love with this gorgeous pair of Tacori earrings, but I really can't spend $1000 on earrings.  If they were reasonably priced, I would totally wear them for my wedding.  
NOT MINE: birthstone is amethyst, my wedding color is purple, and I wanted to add a pop of color to my jewelry and I have been looking for a pair of earrings similar to the Tacori ones for a long time (11 months off and on!).  I can't find a pair of earrings I like that aren't ridiculously expensive, that are quality enough for me to wear because I have a metal allergy.

I am planning on wearing my hair down (see my sig) - I have very long, very thick hair, and I am a petite girl so dainty jewlery tends to get overwhelmed with it.

This is the bridal comb I want to wear, at the back of my head in the center:

This is the bracelet I bought awhile ago to wear, but now I am unsure of it - maybe too much?  I have very small wrists - 5.5 inches around.

This is my dress - hard to tell from the photos, but the dress detailings are lace appliques covered in beading.  The dress has a strap I will be removing, so if it looks weird in the pictures that is why.  I am also having my seamstress alter the neckline to be more sweetheart.

So I finally found a pair of earrings I like.  The purple isn't exactly the shade I originally wanted, but I still like it (I really, really like the rose amethyst but I simply can't find anything reasonably priced with that stone color).  Here they are:

I was planning on wearing a very simple necklace, probably just a chain with a small pendant or something like that.  My question: are the earrings/hairpiece/bracelet combo all compatible with each other, or is it going to be too much?  I just have to ask, cause I'm like a niffler....I looooove shiny sparkley things =]
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