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Bridesmaid dresses-they pick their style.i pick the color

Hey all- I need some help...I really want to be able to pick the color of the dress and have the girls choose the style. I want to make sure its the exact same color but i  cant find a website that will allow this. Any suggestions??

Re: Bridesmaid dresses-they pick their style.i pick the color

  • David's Bridal is good for this.  Thats where my BMs got their dresses.  Also Alfred Angelo I think is also good for it. 
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  • I'm doing the same thing and has an awesome number of selections all with the same colors!
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  • I did Dessy with my ladies.  I pick the color and length and they picked their dress style.
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  • You guys rock!!
    Thanks for the quick reply's. I had been looking at Dessy but i fell in love with this olive green, and then they removed it.. so its either I look at another site or go for the second choice color. Which I guess it was ment to be plum..

  • I second Alfred Angelo.  My BMs all got different styles in eggplant from there.
  • I would start by asking each of your BMs (privately - you can do it by e-mail if you want) about what she wants to spend on the dress. Once you get all the figures, then you take the lowest figure and that's the price range you need to stay under.

    This will really help you narrow down the designers. There are dozens of designers you can use to let them pick their own styles, but the costs are all different. An Alfred Angelo dress is probably going to be a lot less expensive than a Jim Hjelm dress, for example.

    If you can give us an idea of what the BMs can spend, then you will get better suggestions on what designers to look into.
  • I'm doing the same with my BMs at David's Bridal. They just all need to be the same color, but the style and length are all up to them.
  • Sounds like a plan, I was going to do the same thing (pick color and length) and let them decide on the dress from there, probably David's Bridal since they're least expensive and I hate for them to spend a lot of money.  David's Bridal has one top that can be worn several different ways so that might be a good option.
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  • ditto pps, I chose colors, they chose styles, we went to David's.
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  • I'm planning on doing the same.  DB, I pick color, they pick style.
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