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Casual look for groomsmen

My fiance doesn't want to wear a tux/suit, and doesn't want the groomsmen to either. What could they wear that would still look nice for a daytime wedding?

Re: Casual look for groomsmen

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    I saw a wedding where the groomsman just wore polo shirts and khaki pants, but it was a very casual wedding. 
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    For our wedding the men are wearing black pants and black dress shirts with red ties.  They are responsible for purchasing matching outfits, but it will still be less than $100 and they actually get to keep the clothes instead of having to rent tuxes for $160 and having to return them.

    Another wedding i saw the groom wore a tux but the men wore light colored shirts with black pants and converse tennis shoes.  They also wore a tie.  It was very casual but still looked very dressy and since they had matching outfits from the shoes on up it did not look sloppy. 

    You need to wear what you will both be comfortable in and happy with.  Usually as soon as they get to the reception the men take off their dress coats so why have them waste the money to rent it if they are only going to wear it for an hour and for some pictures?  That's my thought on it.  Hope that helps a little! :)
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    Daytime weddings still have a range of formality that you'll need to keep in mind.  He can wear anything from jeans and a sport coat to slacks, a dress, shirt, and a tie.
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    Saw a nice one with navy blazers and kakhis, looked good.
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