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Casual Groom, What to wear?

Hi All,
Our wedding is very casual and relaxed. I am wearing a full length gown but is't very simple and I will be wearing my favorite pair of Rainbow brand flip flops. It's an outdoor morning ceremony with a brunch to follow in the mountains.

I feel that wearing a suite may be too formal and I like the idea of just a cool vest and tie.

That being said, I still feel like it might be best for him to stand out a little from his best man. So should the best man wear a tie only? Or  a different color shirt or vest? They are both wearing a brown tweed/wool pant that has small flecks of ivory, green and rusty red color. My dress is ivory.
I plan on there shoes being a modern square toe brown shoe or a fun, rust or green sneaker. Still haven't decided. :)

I need style and color suggestions.

Re: Casual Groom, What to wear?

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    He is very indifferent about the whole thing. The only thing he cares about is that he wants matching ties, and I have a feeling they will probably be something that has their favorite sports team on it. Which I am fine with, it is after all very casual.  So I just need to figure out if the both should be in vests or just him.
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    If they do sports team then get the same team just different ties. Why put them in a vest? Just put them in dress shirts with a tie. He can wear a white shirt and the BM can wear a light brown.
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    I like the idea of skipping the vest all together, but i just worry his family will think it's too informal. But its our wedding so we should do what we want right?

    Thanks for all the tips!
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