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Has anyone ordered dresses from

I'm thinking about ordering my bridesmaid dresses from online.  I found to have the best prices by far.  I can get the dresses for about $50 cheaper than anywhere else.  Plus receive them in 12 weeks.

Has anyone on here ordered from them before?  Did you have a good experience?

Re: Has anyone ordered dresses from

  • Another Chinese copy site and not selling real gowns from real companies.  If you want some good prices, check out Pearl's Place or Netbride.
  • I had my girls buy all their Alfred Angelo dresses at PSBridal. They got them back just before ThanksGiving and they where great! Make sure you do your homework before buying online. They're NC and they do have a good rating with the Better Bus. Bureau so I went ahead and had them order from them.  So far I am very pleased!  Good Luck!

  • Hi :) I am new here, and was thinking of ordering from as well. I saw this posting and I see your last message was you were still waiting for the dresses to arrive. How long did it take, and did you get them yet? I am going insane trying to decide. Ive heard so many stories about ordering online, and have done a little bit of homework. Staying away from ordering out of the country. The Psbridal site looks like a great choice, so I may be doing so. Thank you so much for your feedback and all of your insight!!! I love it here :)  Patti
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