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Brides Against Breast Cancer

Has anyone here done it?  What designers do they carry?

It looks like a great opportunity to find a cool dress for a good price.  Means I'll have to go without my mama, but what can you do?
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Re: Brides Against Breast Cancer

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    I haven't been to one of their sales, but I know that all of their gowns are donated (I donated my gown to them), so they carry whatever designers they can get.
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    i bought a dress for them, a maggie sottero giant ball gown and I only paid five hundred for it, they do carry what ever they are donated, but I saw everything from davids bridal to vera wang. it was an awesome experience
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    Awesome, I'm looking forward to it.  I'm going to do the champagne brunch and pre-sale, and I figure that if I don't find a dress, the money still goes to a good cause.
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    I bought my dress at the sale in Raleigh, NC. It is a La Sposa dress with the original sales tags still on it, never worn.  The price was extremely reasonable and the sale was the only way I was able to afford such a nice dress.  All of the saleswomen we extremely gracious and helpful.  I can offer a few tips that helped me if you are plan to go.
    1. Get there early, maybe 45 minutes to an hour before it starts.  I happened to arrive early because I always have trouble parking downtown but brides were already lined up outside.
    2. I would strongly advise you to wear more modest undergarments.  I wore spanx and a bustier i had from another wedding I was in.  The sale was set up in a large ballroom and the dressing room was a smaller space off to the side wit small spaces for each girl.
    3. It was helpful to have an idea of what I did and did not like, try on dresses before.  Don't go with a specific dress in mind but try to think of styles, designers, specific details that you like.  I have a hard time saying no to salespeople so one of my bridesmaids made a collage with me one night of pictures of dresses I liked.  I kept it my purse to be able to show the saleswoman working with me and my little entourage, silly... I know, but I found it helpful. 
    4. You open up your selection if you are willing to go up a size or two and then have it tailored to fit. 
    Enjoy the sale, I hope you find it as helpful as I did. 
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