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When to buy dress

About how many months in advance do you think you should buy your wedding dress, accessories, shoes, etc.?

Re: When to buy dress

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    It does depend on the designer... some can take up to 6-9 months while others only take a couple weeks. Plus you will need time for alterations etc.

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    It depends.  The designer of my dress - Casablanca - needed 6 months.  I ordered in October, it arrived in early April, I got alterations in two weeks and was married on May 5th.

    Other designers moved faster and/or you can buy off the rack and only need a few weeks for alterations.  It really depends on what you're after.
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    Just bought an Amsale for my August wedding. They had to call the designer to make sure it would be ready in time and to do alterations. I would not wait any later than 7 months, plus it gives you plenty of time to plan our your asscesories and shoes and bouquet!
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