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Got my dress!!! The one I posted about before! Pics!

Ok so I went to look/try on/ buy the dress. I had a hundred of idea's on how/why I wanted to change it. From the halter top. So she pulls it out of the box.... NOTHING like the pictures. OMG I couldn't believe how beautiful it was! I really couldn't!! I thought it was a champagne color and a dress from like 2000 or the 90'. Nope. The pictures they lie.

The train is not as big as I thought it is. Not even close. And the dress is huge and heavy. Lots of tulle. And I love tulle. The top is a really nice boned corset. And the whole thing just flows. And she has it so it can bussle (spelling?) that's I think what it's called. Perfect fall/winter dress.

I don't want to change a thing about it!!! Not one. I do even with tall shoes need it hemmed. I'm only 5" but that's ok and no rush to get it hemmed until I find shoes. The tailor said I could wait till then not a big deal & it only needs hemmed a little bit too. Oh I just LOVE it. She got it from davids bridal paid $600 I got it for $50!

  for some reason its not letting or saving when i make this the right way.

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