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Groom and Goomsman can't find shirts to fit.

My FI and I went to Express yesterday (where he got his suit) and tried on a million shirts until he found the perfect color for the wedding.
My FI is a size small.  He chose a really unique colored shirt that looked amazing with his suit. 
We took it up to buy it and asked if the store could order the shirt in 2XL for his one groomsman, who has huge, broad shoulders... and the color we picked was a "special" anniversary color or something, and it can't be ordered in that size.
We tried men's warehouse and they only have really subdued colors, nothing like this vibrant blue/green that my FI wants.
Our wedding colors are jewel-tones, so at this point I don't really care what his shirt is as long as it's bright, but my FI really wants a blue.
What kind of stores might carry jewel-tone colored shirts, but in a 2XL AND a small to fit my FI?

Re: Groom and Goomsman can't find shirts to fit.

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    my fiance is built the same way ( like the guy who wears the 2xl) and we get alot of his shirts at kohls, jcpenney, dillards, macys, sears.... i would start online. thats what we did for a wedding he was in, i was helping the bride so i literally spent a few hours online and ordered EVERY grey button up dress shirt that came in all the guys sizes, and then when they all arrived we decided after looking at them all and then took the ones we didnt decide on back. I have no idea exactly what color blue you are looking for but here is one suggestion:
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    He only has one groomsman anyway, so I'd let that guy just pick whatever jewel-tone he wanted to wear. Why does your groom want to match? I've never seen a wedding where the groom and groomsmen matched exactly anyway. Usually the groom stands out.
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    Burlington Coat Factory tends to have a lot of larger sizes and funky colors (especially with prom season).
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    I can't believe it, but the GM fit into the XL!  So now we're 99.9% sure that everything will be fine, but if for some reason it doesn't work, at least we have some ideas for options.

    My FI is wearing a suit with a vest and the shirt with a black tie and the GM is wearing just pants and the shirt with a vest.  So they coordinate, not match, and the shirts and the ties are the unifying elements.
    We didn't want to go with plain white or off white because we were worried that the GM would just look unfinished without a jacket on, but with the vest and the colored shirt, I think they're going to look great together.

    We need to go to men's warehouse now and get them ties... the GM needs an extra long tie haha.
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