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What's your best dress tip?

Hey All,

I’m looking for your very specific planning tips for dresses. We’ll use some of these in the magazine and your Knot name. What's your best tip?

Knot Annie

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Re: What's your best dress tip?

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    Don't fall in love with magazine photos! Dresses look so different on real brides than on models.
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    At the bridal salon choose gowns to try on that you like and then also let the consultant choose additional gowns for you to try on based on you've already choose.  The consultants have a much better idea of styles and what's in the store.

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    I went to a bridal store's website and wrote down the name/model number of every dress in my price range whether I thought it was "me" or not.  As a result I tried on a much wider variety of styles than I had originally planned.  I ended up LOVING some dresses I never would have thought to try on based on the picture.
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    Be open to try on any style. You might think a certain style doesn't work for you, but if you are open to anything you could be pleasantly surprised.

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    Wear the dress for a bit in the shop.  Try sitting and dancing. If it's uncomfortable or heavy after a few minutes, you probably will be miserable on your wedding day.

    Also, probably my best advice...

    Once you find and order your dress, stop looking, and whatever you do, do NOT try on any more dresses!

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    Don't freak out if you don't have that "OMG, this is the one!" moment.  It doesn't happen for everyone.  Your dress can still be perfect for you, even if it takes a while for you to figure it out!  
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    Don't buy the first time you go shopping. Write your top few dresses down, sleep on them, and go back and re-try them all on. If you can, take someone different the second time around with you and get their opinion. That is how I finally made the decision on my dress.
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    Go with your instinct! If a certain gown instantly feels perfect for you from the moment you try it on, it probably is. I knew "The Dress" the second I put it on, and I never second guessed my purchase.
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    Not everyone gets tearful when they have found "The Dress." You will know when you have found the dress just by the way you feel in it.
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    If you start to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, pressured or hopeless, take a break.  Don't try on, look at or think about dresses for a few days.  If you choose a dress when you're feeling exasperated, you might be doing it for the wrong reasons.

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    Get your dress altered and have more than one fitting if necessary, so your dress fits perfectly.  Don't be afraid to ask the seamstress if you have questions about your dress or the fit.

    (6 years married but back on theknot because I'll soon be MOH and weddings are on the brain)
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    Follow your bliss and get what you really want!  Only you know what you really want to look like on the day
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    Don't settle for something someone tells you is amazing.  Buy the dress you don't want to take off.   And once you do, STOP looking!
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    Don't take too many people shopping with you, it may just confuse you. Don't be afraid to go shopping alone, I did and I got a lot of unbiased opinions from women in the shop.

    And when you do find your dress, stop looking! Move on to the next project. I don't know how many posts we see her from girls that have second thoughts because they don't stop shopping after they've found their dress.
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    Communicate w/ the sales associate helping you!  Tell them your price range so they don't put you in something you absolutely cannot afford, tell them your venue, and when you're getting married.  Trust their judgement, they're the ones who know what they're doing!

    Make sure you wear makeup while trying on dresses and bring a hair tie or clip so you can see the dress w/ your hair down, up, or half up...this way you get a better feel of the dress and the way you may look on your wedding day.

    If you know you're going to wear heels of any kind bring a pair to try on w/ dresses.

    Bring a camera and have one of your trusted companians you brought w/ you take a picture or 2 in each dress so that you remember what you looked like without relying of your memory or your companians!

    Bring a few people whose opinions that you trust, the more people you bring the more confused you can get.

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    Keep to your budget and keep an open mind.  I was dead set on not having any beading or embroidery of any kind.  I didn't even want a train.  The problem was I didn't feel like a bride in any of the dresses that fit that description.  Yup, I ended up with a beaded gown that has embroidery along the hem and a semi-cathedral train.  I LOVE IT!
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    Sometimes the right gown is not from a current collection.  Keep in mind stores that sell discontinued floor samples,  there is no rule that says your dress couldn't have languished on the rack for years waiting for the right bride to come along.  Mine did and I'm so glad I took my time and found it.
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    Don't say no until you've put it on. A dress that seems lackluster while on the hanger could be 'the one' once you're wearing it!
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