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Earrings for Sale!!

I bought earrings from Tejani Bridal for my wedding day, but then found new ones.  If interested, let me know.  Here is the link to a photo of them:


Re: Earrings for Sale!!

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    They look nice. I want a chucky pair of earnings. How much do you want for them. I would PM you but I don't know how.. lol
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    Also how do they feel on? They look super heavy.
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    LOL.. I don't know how to private message either. 

    Anyway, I am asking $120, they are $200 dollar earrings but I can not return them because they are on final sale for $129. 

    The backing of the earring is the kind with the plastic circle that secures it tightly to your ear so it does not pull down your ear lobes and holds them nicely in place.  They are heavy but by no means would I consider them too heavy that you can tell by looking at your ears.  Check out the woman in the photo.  

    Look forward to hearing from you .
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    I sent you a private message I hope you get it!!
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