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Ivory gown = what groomsmen's suit shirts?

I have a ivory gown- jcrew.  My FI and groomsmen have all purchased 3 piece suits.  I figured everyone could just wear a white shirt that they had.  Will this clash too much?  Mens' wearhouse gave us a free ivory shirt - because we ordered 9 suits!  It was nice of them but now do we have to make everyone else buy ivory shirts too?

Re: Ivory gown = what groomsmen's suit shirts?

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    personally, I dont think it'll clash. Ive got an Ivory dress and at first FI was going to wear Ivory and GM would wear white, but FI is actually going to wear a shirt color that mimics the BMs dresses. . GM will still wear white though.

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    You'll never notice.  My gown was ivory and DH shirt was white and you couldn't tell the difference.

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    It's almost impossible to tell the difference between white and ivory unless the two are right next to each other.  I think it would be fine to let FI wear the ivory shirt and have the rest of them wear white, or everyone wear white and just donate/sell the ivory shirt.
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    I think that the ivory men's shirts always end up looking dingy.  The problem is that they're usually darker or yellower than the "ivory" of dresses. So, since J. Crew's ivory is pretty light, I'd use white. 
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    I wore an ivory/champagne dress and DH wore a white shirt.  It never even occurred to me that they might clash ;)  Take a look at the Bride and Groom tab of my bio to see pics of us close together...
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    Ivory mens shirts look pretty yellow. We went back and switched my husbands tux shirt to white, but kept the ivory vest.  It was a great contrast and didn't look bad with my ivory dress.
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    I think your FI should get whatever he feels looks best on him.

    FI saw an ivory dress shirt in the store a while back and hated it, so I'm betting that he will choose a white shirt. I can't imagine that anyone would be staring at us so closely that they'd notice a subtle color difference like that.

    Plus, when a guy has a vest, tie and jacket on, all you can really see are the cuffs and collar anyway. And he'll probably have the jacket on for most of the pics where he's directly next to you anyway (ceremony, formal pics, first dance), so if there's a pic of him chatting with his buddies and he's in a white shirt with no jacket - while you're not even in the pic in your ivory gown - then who cares?
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    My gown was ivory and DH was wearing a black tux with ivory vest and tie. He tried both ivory and white dress shirts and both of us preferred ivory. It's really going to depend up on the specific shirt due to fabric content and dye lot from that manufacturer. DH's ivory shirt in no way looked dingy or yellow in photos.

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    My dress was champagne, but my DH wore a white shirt (with ivory vest and tie).  It looked great.
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