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Bridesmaid jewelry .. HELP

 Hello Brides!   
   attached is my bridesmaid dresses they will actually be in a blue/turquoise color.  Because of the one floral strap I was thinking NO necklace but I am torn on what kind of jewelry to have them wear. I was thinking more of a chunky bracelet and some dangly earrings ... What is everyone's thought? I don't want something SUPER glitzy/diamondy because I'm not that kind of bride and we are going for "beach/outdoor" theme even though it will be indoors. Haha   :) I appreciate everyone's help.

Re: Bridesmaid jewelry .. HELP

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    Are you planning to buy the jewelry for your girls or are they paying for it?  If they are then you need to just let them choose what they want.  If you're paying, I agree that dangly earrings and a chunky bracelet would look great.  Maybe look into turquoise for the bracelets?  I also think that you're right, a necklace would look a bit off with the flowery one shoulder.
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