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I just had my first dress fitting and am getting a combination bustle. It has a ballgown bustle on the bottom and a one point with the top layer. (It was too heavy to do a single one point). What do you all think? Do you think there is too much ribbon showing on the corset? I have been trying to lose weight and have been excerising.

I also added a slip underneath. It took a while to find one that wasn't too full so I ended up wih a slip for a mermaid dress underneath. Does it look to full?

BTW the dress is Mori Lee in 2105.

Re: Dress Fitting

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    We have the same dress!  I think it looks awesome on you, not too full.  I think the amount of riboon is perfect.  Is your dress ivory?  I'm ordering mine in ivory.  I like the way the bustle is, I'll have to remember that for when it's time to have mine added.
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    Yes it's Ivory. I can't wait for the fiance to see and I can't wait to see the final fitting.

    Are you doing a summer wedding? Cause if you are... it might be too warm to add a slip/petticoat underneath.
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    I bet you're excited.  Your wedding is so close! 
    I'm getting married 7/31, so it will definitely be warm out.  I haven't tried it on without a slip, so I wasn't sure if it would look right.  I guess I will see when it comes in.  I'll be ordering it next month.  How long did it take for yours to come in? 
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    I think it looks great, and I don't think you have to miuch ribbon showing. 
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    Your dress looks beautiful and it doesn't look too full.
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    just gorgeous! don't have to change anything!
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