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New Hampshire

Registering our honeymoon

We are looking into registering our honeymoon since we already have a house and everything we need. Has anyone else done this? Do you know what website is the best to use?Thanks!!

Re: Registering our honeymoon

  • I have a cousin who used Honeyfund or something like that.  The website was easy to use and they said it was the only who didn't actually take a portion or the money the couple recieves.  Good Luck!
  • Beware mentioning this on any other board.  Honeymoon registries are frowned upon by most people. They would suggest not having any registry and that way guests will most likely give you cash and then you could use the cash for the honeymoon. 

    I had never actully heard of it before joining TK.
  • I registered for my honeymoon and nobody used it.  But I did think it was a great idea.  Your best bet is to probably register for stuff because if you don't you're probably going to end up with stuff that you really don't want.

    Good luck!
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