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Is this too out there? Price?

Does anyone one know the price or ball park price of this gown??
I've called around to all the stores within a reasonable distance and none of them have it in stock to try on so they didnt have the pricing right there.

Also, is it too "out there" for someone who is very simple?? I was wanting somthing simple and classic- but just love this dress! (yet to try on)


Re: Is this too out there? Price?

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    it's quite a pretty dress! definetly try it on though :)

    i did a quick search and only found one place that listed the price online and it was at $1200, so very reasonable.
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    i couldnt find a price for it online anywhere- thanks so much!! yes, i will definitly have to try it on, i just need to find somewhere that actually has it. All ive gotten is that "we carry allure, but not allure couture because its to expensive" - which made me think thousands. 1200 is MUCH better. thanks again!

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    WOW,t hat's a stunning dress!  I dont' think it's too "out there" at all.  It's gorgeous and different, but not insanely different.
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    Ahhh I love this dress- a girl on my club board bought it!

    I don't think it's "too much" for a simple/ low key kind of person. There's no bling or extravagant sparkly/embroidery/lacy nonsense- the shape of the dress is classic! The fact that the embellishments are the same color/ fabric of the rest of the dress definitely tones it down. 

    GORGEOUS dress, and it looks cuter on the girl on my club board than that model :) GL trying it on! I'm sure it'll be beautiful!
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    also remember that even though you might think of yourself as "simple" this is your day to shine!!!!!!! get something that you feel beautiful in, even if it's not the typical "you"!
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    This is MY dress Laughing It's even more stunning in person! Good luck on finding it!
    PS- Thank you Hippie! You just made my day <3
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    Gorgeous Dress!  Sad- they didn't have this when i bought my Allure -  Go for it! 
    Post pics when you do :)
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    Beautiful dress! go for it!
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    thanks everyone! its always nice to hear exactly what you wanted to hear!!

    danielleloveszach- do you have pictures? i would love to see it on a real person!
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    OK! I finally got to try it on!! Its the dress, we ordered it yesterday!

    It's a weird feeling when you finally decide huh?
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