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What Veil Would You Choose?

Hey Ladies! I got my wedding dress back in March for my wedding next May. I am having a hard time picking a veil for it though. I didn't really look at any in the bridal salon but I have a good idea of what I'd like, but I want to choose something that will complement my gown.

Here is my dress -

And the veils I am considering are a cathedral length ivory veil with a raw edge, and this veil from -


Re: What Veil Would You Choose?

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    Personally, with that dress, I think the veil might be a little much. Your dress is very busy and lacy, and I think something more simple would be best. But that is just what I think. I think the length is fine, though. Could you have the etsy seller try to minimize some of the lace on the veil so there is not so much? Maybe that would work.
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    I also think that veil is a bit much, and would stick with a cut edge. I think an elbow or fingertip length would be best, but a cathedral could be nice too. The dress has so much detail that it would be a pity to detract from it.
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    I LOVE your dress! I agree w/PP's that the lace trim on the veil would be too much, and might take away from your dress. I'd go with a very simple ivory veil with a raw edge, as PP mentioned. You want something to compliment your dress, not fight for attention with it. Plus, I think a simpler veil leaves more room for more interesting hair accessories.
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    your dress is awesome, I would do a very simple sheer drop veil in a fingertip legnth, anything more ornate or longer could be way too much
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    I agree with the other posts. I think a simple veil, no longer than your elbows, would be good. You don't want to take away from the detail on the dress.
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    I think that an ivory, cathedral veil with a cut edge would be beautiful.  This one with the lace is too much.  Your dress is lovely and has a lot going on.  Basically, I'd recommend my veil (PIB) Smile
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    I agree with the ladies the lace one would be way too much, your dress is gorgeous! I think the ivory with the cut edge will be simple and work well to compliment the dress
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    I agree with all of the ladies. If you are set on having lace on your veil, choose a very thin piece to line it with. That way it is not overpowering.
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