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Demetrios Sposabella 4277 - Is this my dress? (Pics!)

Hiya Ladies,
I went to Brides by Demetrios this weekend and tried on several beautiful gowns - I was very impressed by them! I loved one dress in particular, Sposabella 4277. I love the shiny fabric, the lace in the front, and the bodice is very flattering on my figure. I didn’t want to take the dress off!

The one little reservation I have is just the back of the skirt though – there is no embellishments on it – no sparkle or lace on the back. However, it is such a spectacular dress. My girlfriends were saying once its bustled, (French Bustle probably), any embellishments would just disappear anyway and it does have lovely pickups and gleams in the light.

Is there any other dresses that are just as embellished, have some peeks of lace and sparkle on the back? I’m going to a Maggie trunk show in 2 weeks and I know she has some similar dresses, so I’ll definitely check them out then. But I can’t get this Demetrios dress out of my mind either, it’s lovely!

What do you think??

Here is the link to the back of the dress on the Demetrios model:

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