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So I'm looking into ordering my bridesmaid dresses from and I was just wanting to see if anyone has had pervious experience with them. I've read some great things about them in the past but I'd still like to see if anyone has had recent experience with them. Also, I was wondering if their dresses were legit, meaning are they designer made or are they knock offs??

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    I've seen Netbride and Pearl's Place thrown out a lot as good, reputable discount locations to get BM dresses from.  I ordered through Pearl's Place and had an excellent experience with my girls' Bill Levkoff dresses, which cost FAR less than the $300-ish tag I saw in stores.
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    Yea, I've heard good things about Pearl's Place as well. Netbride is offering me an incredible deal on a Bari Jay dress so that's I wanted to go with them. I'm just worried about their authenticity. 

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    Sounds good to me! I'm going for it! Thanks girls!
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    I just ordered Bari Jay dresses from netbride today!
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    oh yay! I'm about to order mine...just waiting on my girls' sizes! goodluck with you order! Let me know how it goes! Have you used them before?
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