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white vs ivory pearls

My dress is gold with ivory lace overlay, it has some beading on it which includes
little white pearls. The overall color of the dress really looks cream to me, more color than "ivory".  I am planning on wearing a necklace that belonged to my grandmother that also has 1 tiny white pearl.  I bought some earrings that have crystals and a pearl drop, the pearl on these looks more of an ivory pearl shade.  I figured that was fine and you probably wouldn't notice.  But now I am looking for a pearl bracelet and I don't know if I should get one in ivory pearl, which would match the earrings and overall color of the dress, or white pearl, to match the necklace and beading on the dress?  Or maybe I am just making too much of it all!
Thank you!

Re: white vs ivory pearls

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    The pictures aren't showing up, but tbh, I can't tell the difference between ivory and white. Neither will your guests until they're right up close to you, and probably then still wouldn't notice.

    I'd get whatever it is you like best (or might wear again, for that matter).
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