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Are these knock off dress sites? 

I posted in wedding woes on how my bridesmaid doesn't have a dress and my wedding is less than a month a way. The store messed up so now she needs a dress and I found these sites that offer rushes. 

She lives in St. Louis, MO and says there are about 10 stores there that have the dress. So this would just be a back up plan, but I don't know if the sites are safe. 

Also if anyone knows where I could find a red Da Vinci Bridesmaid 60012, please let me know. I tried Ebay and the Facebook Marketplace, but no luck. Are there any other sites that sell pre-owned dresses?

Re: Are these knock off dress sites?

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    From the looks of the sites they don't seem to be very convincing.  I would definitely use the stores in her area first, especially if she already knows that about 10 stores in her area carry what she needs.

  • Options sell used dresses. I'm not 100 sure about bridesmaid. Also check out eBay because I know a lot of girls don't want to keep their dress. Good luck!
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    edited September 2012 sell new bridal gowns with the most satisfying service and  the best quality products. It's convincing.
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    Go to or They are both legit and great to work with! Both discounting dresses at great prices. They dont give discounts on Maggie Sottero dresses.
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