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Veil recommendations?

Hi there!
I'm at a complete loss for a veil for my dress!
I definitely do not want a cage veil, not my style, but I'd like one that makes a statement without looking ridiculous. It's organza.

Here's my dress!

I hope you can help!!

Re: Veil recommendations?

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    I think a single-layer cathedral veil would look beautiful with that dress.  Cathedral veils aren't over-the-top, but definitely make a dramatic statement.  The only problem with them is that they're so long you can't really comfortably wear it the whole wedding.  I have a cathedral veil that I will be wearing for the ceremony/pictures, and I'll be wearing an elbow length veil for the reception.
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    Thank you for the recommendations.
    I was actually considering a cathedral veil so, I'm glad to hear I"m not way off course!


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    What do you think of this one?
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    I have one for sale after Feb. 6th if you are interested.
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    Thanks Buttons, it's beautiful, but a little over my price range.
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    I think the cathedral veil may be too long for that dress. You want to show off the back of the gown since it is so pretty and has alot of detailing. I would go with an elbow length veil with some crystal detailing. I have found with the veil you'll know when you find the right one when you try it on, just like the dress. So if i were you i would take my dress to a bridal shop and try on veils with it on to find the right one
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    I think a fingertip veil would be perfect! 
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    Thank you for your recommendations. I like both fingertip and cathedral.
    I'm going next week to the bridal shop with my dress to try on different types. I thought the veil would be the easiest thing to pick! Not so much!
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