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a bm dress/netbride question

My MOH and I finally found some dresses in a shade of blue we like. I wanted to have my girls pick the style they're comfortable in but the same material and color. I was thinking about using netbride so it would save them some money.
For those of you who have used netbride (or pearlsplace) how did that work? Did you order all the dresses at the same time or did the your bridesmaids each order their own?? Also would it be weird to give them the option of ordering online or through a local shop? Did anyone have trouble with dye-lots? I honestly can't see it being THAT big of a difference in color that it would bother me but I'd like to hear others' experiences or thoughts!

Re: a bm dress/netbride question

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    I had my bms go through netbride. It was cheaper by about 50 a girl, INCLUDING shipping.

    I handled the ordering and they paid me back after they received them. So yes, I ordered them at the same time. If it makes you feel any easier, my girls all ordered different dresses in the same color, same material and there was a small fee (like 12) because I was shipping to more than one place. I think you save mroe when you get the same dress, but hey, they each have different tastes.

    If one wanted to go through netbride and another wanted to go through a store, I think it'd be fine. Dye lots are very insignificant.
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