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Help on Groomsmen Attire??

My groom has his mind set on being casual and the one thing he asked for was to wear flipflops for the ceremony and reception. (We live in AZ so fair enough.)  My groom will be in a white long sleeve dress shirt  (no suit, tie, vest etc.) My brother who is marrying us is wearing a black long sleeve dress shirt with gray or black pants. Now for the groomsman... I have no idea--- black flip flops (assuming black pants) and what color of shirt (again no ties, vests, etc)? My wedding colors are eggplant and silver... bridesmaids are in eggplant dresses so I don't want too much eggplant with the men in matching shirts.

My groom has made this difficult on me. I have googled about every type of dresshirt, but nothing is clicking? I would greatly appreciate some advice!

Re: Help on Groomsmen Attire??

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    Grey dress shirts. I would've suggested silver, but that might be too much lol. How bout grey pants and white shirt for the groom, black pants grey shirt for the groomsmen?
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    I also would suggest grey shirts for the groomsmen. 
    If you don't want grey, I know that you're using eggplant but maybe a white shirt with a pale purple pinstripe/pattern would bring color in without going overboard? I'm picturing a Banana Republic shirt my fiance has when I suggest that, haha, so who knows if that's even easy to find. 
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    I think the gray will be better
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    I like the idea of a white shirt with the pinstripe pattern. Gray just seems kinda of drab to me, while I agree with HugsAndKisses that silver is overboard. :)

    Thank you so much everyone for your help!
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