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Converse for 16-yr-old BMs?

My two 16-yr-old daughter-BMs think it would be a fun twist for them to wear sparkly Converse sneakers with organza laces to match their short, satin, strapless dresses.  The wedding will be an outdoor ceremony with a brunch reception on a spring morning in May, so it's not super formal but nowhere near casual.  Ordinarily, I wouldn't have liked this idea, but since they are 16, I'm considering it as a way to let their personalities shine through.  Here's the dress:

I know this has been a popular trend for bridal parties lately.  Please tell me what you think.  Does anyone have photos to share so I can get an idea of what those sneakers will look like with a short dress? 
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Re: Converse for 16-yr-old BMs?

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    Ditto Duds.  With short dresses - I dunno.  I don't like the look.  I DO like it when it's with longer dresses and you can't see the shoes unless the dress gets lifted up.  Then it's kind of a fun surprise that way.  Some brides will even wear Converse shoes under their wedding dresses, but I dunno.  Just doesn't look quite right with shorter dresses.
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    Maybe for the recpetion, but not for the ceremony or pictures.  Or, I guess you could do some pictures (it might be kind of cute), but not for all of them.
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    This is definitely a matter of personal preference.  Some people love the idea, some people hate it.  I'm definitely in the 'hate it' camp.  Especially seeing the picture Duds posted, it just looks trashy.
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    I'm not a big fan of the converse.  How about glittery ballet flats?  A compromise of letting their personalities shine through, without being overdone/too casual (which is how I feel about the Converse).
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    My sister's flower girl wore a blue taffeta dress with blue converse and it looked great! she was 14. she didn't want to wear a dress so this was the compromise....worked great. you want your daughters to be comfortable and enjoy the day. I am getting married in July, i have had the sentiment that if people aren't comfortable they won't have seems to be helping with the planning so far....good luck!
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    Not digging the look.  How about they wear the dress again at prom with those converse shoes?
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    Please don't. I was in a wedding last summer and we wore black dresses with turquoise converse. 

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    To be honest, since it was the BMs who brought it up, if you're okay with it as the bride, I don't see why not. I personally hate heels and most flats (can't walk in the former and don't see the point in being uncomfortable in the latter) so I'm wearing sneakers with my dress. Yes, they happen to be Converse at the moment but if I get some extra money to buy another pair of sneakers maybe I'll splurge for the big day. But I have 14 pairs of Converse at the moment so it will probably be that brand. I've worn flats and my feet just don't feel secure. Plus, I like wearing socks and most formal shoes just don't allow for that. My BMs are not being made to wear the sneakers but if they wanted to, I would totally be fine with it. (I've been told I'm super laidback as a bride, though- my BMs can pick any dress they want as long as it's about knee-length, in any jewel-tone color.) It's really up to you at this point, since they seem to be on board with it. I would opt for lo-tops because I think those would look better with short dresses. 
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    Sorry but I think it's going to look terrible with those short dresses.
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    [QUOTE]I'm not a big fan of the converse.  <strong>How about glittery ballet flats?</strong>  A compromise of letting their personalities shine through, without being overdone/too casual (which is how I feel about the Converse).
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    This!!! This is what im doing for my Jr. Bridesmaid. She had proposed the converse idea and as PP mentioned im in the hate it category. So we talked about it and since she isnt one to wear heels like all the other BMs then we decided on ballet flats that are sparkly. We are actually going to spend an afternoon together buying the ballet flats and then adding the glitter ourselves with mod podge and glitter.
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    I think it's fine. I do agree with AATB though. I think converse go better with a longer dress. If your younger BMs want to wear it and you are okay with it then I say go for it.

    My wedding was on the beach so the girls wore flip flops or went barefoot. The guys wore dress shoes. One of the GM wore converse because that was his personal preference. I think he looked fine but it isn't as noticeable as it would be in a short dress.

    He has a different style and is a little younger than us. I think it fit him perfectly. 
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