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Casual attire for the guys??

Hey! I am never really on here, but I am hitting a road block in my planning process! I need to find casual clothes for the guys. I want them to wear really light khaki slacks with white linen shirts, and I want FI to wear the same thing but a matching blazer. Where is the best place to find this and the best way to go about getting them? Should I get all the guy's sizes and just go buy them myself (if I can ever find a place that has them) or should I tell them to go get them? I have no idea.... any help would be greatly appreciated! TIA!

Re: Casual attire for the guys??

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    What does your FI want to wear?
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    It would probably be much less hassle to have them find the outfits themselves.  Maybe you can hunt down the specific shirts and pants in a store, and see if they carry them online, so they can all order easily. 

    And I agree with the PP- what does your FI want to do?  Or is he leaving it up to you?
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    I love bonobos pants. You should check them out-they are all custom made and really really nice. My fi has a couple of pairs. He also loves bowties, which could be cute for a casual wedding. Check out for bright seersucker and for causal silks. Really cute!
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