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Buyer's Remorse Update

So I took the advice several people gave me and I did call the Bridal Shop as soon as they opened today.

Bad news:  They already ordered the gown this morning (I guess before they opened?), so at this point, no refunds.

The girl on the phone tried to talk me into coming back in and trying on the dress again, but I told her the dress is not really the style I wanted and after looking at pictures of myself in it, I just don't really like it.  I bought it more because everyone else loved it.

Good news:  After explaining the situation to her, she said her manager agreed to call the company and see if they would place a hold on the order. 

She said sometimes, companies are willing to do this, and sometimes they are not.  It just depends on the company.  She said they won't find out until tomorrow and she will call me and let me know.

While I had her on the phone, I decided to ask her about the dress in the front display window (the dress I saw on the way out that got me having doubts in the first place).  She gave me the designer name and style number, and it turns out it is the exact dress I printed out a picture of from the internet when I first started looking at pictures of my "dream dresses"!  She said as long as the designer is willing to put a hold on the first order, they might be able to transfer my deposit from the first dress onto the second dress.

Cross your fingers for me ladies!  Depending on what happens, I may be back on here needing someone to convince me to love the first dress Undecided
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Re: Buyer's Remorse Update

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