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When to look for dress?

My cowoker was telling me that I need to find my dress at least a year in advance to give time for it to come in and then to have alterations done to it.  Is this standard?  I am the first of my friends to get married so I had no idea that it would take that long.

Re: When to look for dress?

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    A year is certainly plenty of time, but by no means too early to start shopping. I started shopping for mine about 10-11 months before my wedding and actually ordered my dress the week before Christmas (my wedding is Sept 4th), so about 8 months in advance.  I was told the dress would arrive in about 4 months and you want to be sure you have at least a couple of months for multiple fittings and alterations if necessary.  Hope this helps.
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    it depends on the designer, but anywhere from 4-9 months is pretty standard to get a dress in. so a year is good timing.
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    I went about 8 months ahead of time and every place seemed to think I was cutting it really close. Seems crazy to me that it takes that long, but whatever. So maybe a year out would be about right.

    Also, try the Knot checklist thing (under "My Knot"), it sort of gives you a timeline for what should be done each month leading up to the wedding. There seemed to be a lot of stuff that needed to be done sooner than I expected.
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    I started looking 6 months before my wedding and like the poster above, everyone acted like I was crazy. I had no idea you were supposed to start looking so early! But at the same time, I did end up buying my dress recently, with 4 months to go before my wedding (I did have to pay a little more for rush shipping). And in a way I felt like some of the people working at the bridal salons might have been pressuring me a little more to buy the dress ASAP just to they could get the sale.

    But anyway, I think 9 mos-1 year ahead of time would be a good amount of time, to avoid being stressed like I was.
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    i started looking around the 11 month mark, wasnt seriously into actually purchasing one until around the 9 month mark...
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    I'm not getting married until June 2011 and I bought mine last month.  I hadn't planned on looking quite that early but knew that I needed to be sure to have plenty of time.  The more you do ahead of time, the less stress you'll have as you get closer to the wedding.  On the other had, a co-worker of mine is getting married in July 2010 and just ordered her dress at the end of January.  She should get it in time, but there will be a lot of rushing.

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    Initially, we were going to get married in November 2010. We then switched it to July 2010.

    I started looking for my dress on the 26th of December, found it, ordered it and paid for it. I am waiting for it to come around late April or Early May. 

    Take into consideration what your dress consist of. The more lace, the longer the train, the more beading....etc...the more time it takes. My dress is rather simple with very little beading. It also doesn't cost an arm and leg.

    Start looking, start trying. Wedding season puts a strain on the shops and everything takes even longer at that point. The sooner...the better.

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    It takes about 4-6 months for a dress to coming in. Depending upon the manufacturer it can sometimes take longer. You also want to give yourself a month or two for alterations. I would say 8-10 months before the wedding is a good time frame to buy. Good luck!

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    It all depends on if you go with a designer gown or go to one David's where you can buy the dress right then and there if they have your size and then get alterations done. I ordered my dress in July 2009, came in Jan 2010, I am getting married this June. They told me 6-9 months, but it only took about 6. If it would have taken closer to 9, I still would have been ok, but just closer to the wedding. Mine is a designer gown, all hand made, that is why it takes so long. Bottom line, it is all in what you want.

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    I thought I ordered my dress really early because the wedding was 14 months away at the time, but now the wedding is 7 months away and I'm still waiting for it. I'm really glad I ordered it early because it's taking at least 8 months to get here. I would say the earlier the better, unless you think you'll want to keep shopping.
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    I am getting married in May 2011 and I bought my dress 3 weeks ago.  I planned on getting my dress around the 1 year mark but I fell in love with a designer (essence of australia) and they were having a trunk show in my area and it was the only one even close for the next year so it was then or never.  I got 10% off for the trunk show and the dress I picked was a "tester" dress, one they only have at trunk shows to see if people like it and to see if they should add it on their next line.  It was cheaper than the other dresses too, but on the down side it will take about 6 to 9 months to come in instead of the normal 3 to 5 months.  Just some things to think about. 
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