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Has anyone heard of this site or used it better yet?!? I'm temped to buy like 3 dresses just because they're SO cheap! I'm wondering how they actually replicate the dresses and if it's any good or if it's really really cheap?? Thanks ladies!!
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    I've just ordered a dress from them on 15/05/2012 and it should be delivered within the end of June, so I shall keep you posted on how it all turns out! So far the communication with the customwer service at was pretty awesome. I'm pretty confident that the dress will be ok, also because I'm paying it 800$ and I've asked them to pay some extra attention, since it costs almost like a boutique dress. Why pay so much for a replica derss? Well, the road so far: I've started looking for the dress for my July 22nd 2012 wedding in December 2011. My mom told me to check out the Alma Novia collection and I've instantly fallen in love with the strapless organza dresses with pleated bodice and full skirt that Alma Novia designs, they actually have 3 or 4 more or less similar ones, and my fave was Musica dress from 2011 collection. I've checked for the stockist and here in Italy there are only 3 or 4, and the closest one is a 3 hours car ride. Since the dresses starts at 1,5K and every trip to the stockist would have been 100$, considering the cost of gas and paid highroads here in Europe, I've started looking online for a showroom sample. I've actually found one in Texas, quoted at 600$ plus 100$ for dry cleaners and freight, and 120$ taxes that customs would have charged me at arrival. It also needed to be altered since it was a size 10 and I'm a size 6 myself, but that was not a problem since my MoH's mom is a saemstress. The dress had a minor defect - a tiniest strap on the inner side near the zip, the store has sent me a photo and it was really nothing, but I also saw the label on the photo and that was the end of it........the original Alma Novia dress is made of poliesther and it's made in China!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it, but poliesther is a no go for in Italy it's too hot in summer and I'm allergic, too. So I've made an inquiry with some replica dresses sites about having a replica dress made with actual silk, and said that they could do it. I've also had it customized with some elements from other Alma Novia dresses from the new 2012 collection, like the beading between bust and bodice like in Salya dress (instead of a bow like in original Musica), bodice with criss-crossed pleating (that is so much more flattering than the horizontal one on Musica) and lace hem on the skirt like in Salamanca design. The price also includes built-in petticoat, lace veil and silk organza bridal jacket. The shipment is free by the way and they promise that there should be no taxes, but we'll see to that.  That's all for now, they've promised me to send the in-process photos, so I'll keep you posted. 
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