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Attire for military wedding

Did/is anyone out there have/having a military wedding? My fiance is in the Army and will be wearing his dress blues for the ceremony. We are trying to figure out the best thing for his groomsmen to wear since they are not in the Army and do not have a uniform. The overall theme of our wedding is pretty laid back, with guests able to wear semi-cocktail attire (khaki pants, summer dresses, etc) so would it be okay if the groomsmen wore slacks and a button down shirt with tie? Or since my groom will be in formal uniform should they be wearing a suit/tux to match his formality? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!! :-)

Re: Attire for military wedding

  • I think they should wear a suit to match the formality. It would look really off for the groom to have a formal outfit and the groomsmen to be in slacks. They don't have to do tuxes, but I'd definately have something with a jacket. 
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  • Suits would be appropriate.  Most men already own a black suit, and if they don't they can borrow one, or buy one (they will almost certainly wear it aagin).  JCPenney has a good selection of suits undr $120 or so, and Jos A. Banks and Mens Warehouse suits often go on sale.
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    It's not ok to have the GM so casual next to a military dress uniform. 
    Suits, or don't have your Fi wear his uniform. 

    There really isn't such thing as a "military wedding", but yes, my H wore his Navy Dress Whites for our wedding. None of his GM were AD so they wore suits to match the formality. 
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