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Black shoes...?

I need some opinions!  My wedding dress is ivory and our wedding colors are sangria purple (David's Bridal) and black.  The bridesmaid dresses will be sangria and they'll be wearing their own black shoes, and the tuxes are black with black vests and ties.  I thought about having my shoes dyed to sangria to match the color scheme, but I'd really like to get my money's worth and be able to wear my shoes again.  I know a lot of people are doing the colored shoes these days, but I know I'm much more likely to wear a pair of black heels again (rather than brightly colored or ivory).  So I was wondering...would it be strange to wear black shoes with my wedding dress?  And is anyone else doing this?  I was just curious because I haven't really heard of it or been able to find any photos.  Thanks in advance!      

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    An acquaintance of mine wore black shoes... from the one FB pic I saw, I wasn't really a fan, but then again that could also be because the shoes themselves were kind of ugly. And to be fair, I actually didn't see her shoes in any other pics she posted.

    I don't feel right posting it here since it's not my pic to post, but email me and I can send it to you. knottie dot ringpop at gmail dot com.
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    I've seen a lot of colored shoes, but I haven't actually seen black...  Do you have your dress handy, or could you go to the shop to try on another sample?  Try it on with black heels and see if you like the look.  If not, you could always do maybe a dark purple or red to tie in with your color scheme.
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    I think that black shoes would work if you have some other black accessories to go along with it to tie everything together.  Perhaps a black sash on your dress, or some black jewelry.  What about a black wrap or a black purse? The more black details you have to go along with the ivory dress (along with the shoes), the more coordinated everything will look.
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    I've seen brides wear ivory satin heels for the wedding day then have them dyed black so they can actually wear them again.
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    [QUOTE]I've seen brides wear ivory satin heels for the wedding day then have them dyed black so they can actually wear them again.
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    This sounds like the best advice yet.
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    I agree black is fine....if your dress is long you will hardly see them anyway...but I was also going to suggest, as pp did, you can always die them black after the wedding....

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