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wedding band ideas

Hi my fiancee custom made my e ring and we're having a tough time finding a wedding band that goes with it? any suggestions?


Re: wedding band ideas

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    I just found these on google images:
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    I'd ask for a quote for a custom made band to go with it.  A lot of times they are cheaper than you'd think, and you get exactly what you want.  Mine custom band was about half the price of the designer band I was looking at to match my ring, and had more diamonds.
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    Depending if the detail/diamonds on your engagement ring go all the way around, I like the wedding band where the detail/diamonds go halfway around engagement ring has diamonds halfway around and I personally find it more comfortable to wear with the smooth part between my fingers.  (Although if your engagement ring goes all the way around I might match that).  You definitely have nothing to lose by seeing if whoever custom made your engagement ring can make the wedding band to fit with it because then they will be able to match everything up precisely and it might be worthwhile if the cost is about the same or not much more.
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    Yes it only goes halfway around which is like the first ring. I'll prob go back to pounders for an estimate. Planning on getting one on each side of the e ring kind of like a jacket:)
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    I had this issue but not that my FI designed it. He picked it out knowing that there wasn't anything to match, weird. But the jeweler he got it from found one close to it and its not an exact fit but he said they could make it work. It would have cost $1200 to custom make one to match my ring. His other suggestions were to get any wedding band I liked and wear it on my right hand.

    Yes I know we bought mine early but the price of gold keeps going up so we locked in our price and bc of our jeweler we only have to pay $10 a month on it from now until we get married or we can pay it in full and he will keep it in the safe at the store for us until the wedding.


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    See if you can get something custom made...
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