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My mother, the MOB is a plus size woman, and doesn't see herself as pretty. I have told her that she is and no matter what she wears she will be beautiful. However, she is really not a dress wearing person, so my dilemma is this: She wants to wear a dress, but not a long one. Since she is only 5' 3" would a short knee length dress work better for her, than a tea-length. Also, my colors are Coral and Pool, so how would she go about finding something without clashing. She doesn't like dark colors.

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    I think for someone who is 5'3, a knee-length dress would definitely look better than tea-length.
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    If she really wanted to coordinate, what about a silver or light gray color? Paired up with some colorful accessories, that would look great!

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    [QUOTE]If she really wanted to coordinate, what about a silver or light gray color? Paired up with some colorful accessories, that would look great!
    Posted by musictchr25[/QUOTE]

    This is what my mom is doing, and I think my FMIL will be doing the same. They both were concerned about coodinating with the WP so I suggested that they pick a neutral color that they llike.  I agree with PP that knee length would look best.
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      My fmil is also a bigger lady and she wanted to wear a dress or a skirt at least. I told her I didn't care what she wore as long as she was there. She is uncomfortable in dresses and skirts though, because she's worried they make her look bigger. She found a great solution, for her at least, she found a pair of pants that are very flowy until she started to walk or dance or something I wouldn't have known it wasn't a skirt. She said it's more comfortable and that she likes that she looks really dressed up even though she isn't.  She said she found them at Lane Bryant so maybe that's an option. As for colors I think whatever colors your mom wants to wear are fine.
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    I am 5'3", and tea-length anything is not my friend - it's a terrible length for shorter women, especially if she's plus-size (I'm on the chunkier side, and tea-length makes me look very, very wide).  I'd go with knee length if she's comfortable with that. 

    As for colors, it's really not your mom's job to "match" the wedding party... if she is concerned about clashing, she can choose to stick to a neutral color, or a darker or lighter shade of one of your wedding colors.  She also can wear a color that has nothing to do with anything and that's fine too.  Frankly, coral and pool already strike me as being a little clashy (in a fun way), so I can't really think of a color that wouldn't look perfectly fine with them.  Considering she's already struggling so much with feeling good about herself, I'd tell her to wear whatever color and dress makes her feel beautiful (or at least comfortable). 
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