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Shipping Dress- Which Company?

I'm shipping my wedding dress to another state and I would like opinions on which service to use - USPS, UPS, or FedEx? I'm going to do overnight with insurance and tracking. How have your experiences been with shipping and who do you suggest? What about other services? Thank you!

P.S. After a quick calculation online, USPS is the cheapest by a large amount. Does anyone know why?

Re: Shipping Dress- Which Company?

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    I would recommend FedEx, based on my own experience. I've had boxes completely mangled by USPS on a regular basis, and you don't want that for your wedding gown.

    I shipped my musical instrument by FedEx for much less than UPS wanted (USPS would not take it at all), and the box arrived without a scratch.
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    i used usps with tracking it worked fine
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    I ordered my dress while i was living in SD and my mom shipped it to me FedEx. They are the only ones I trust with something like that anymore.
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