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Ok,  as the wedding planning goes along, I am realizing how clueless I am about so many things!   Yesterday, we went to look at suits.....for ideas.   Little did we know that we would be spending 1 1/2 hours at the store, giving info about the wedding and making choices.   We did not commit to anything, but now we are even more unsure of what to do.
   Fiancee hates tuxes.  He hates the feel, look and cost.   His idea was to have the guys buy new suits.  This way, they get something they will use again.  We were thinking that we could go to Mens Warehouse, pick out a style, then tell the guys to take advatage of the buy one get one free sales by going in in pairs.   We were HOPING that they would spend abt $150.  WELL, suits are a heck of a lot more expensive than what we thought!  After finding out that our "plan" would cost each guy $250+ we decided to look for more options.

  Renting suits (through the shop where I bought my dress) is an option, but we can also tell the guys they can wear suits they own.  We do  plan to buy the ties/pocket squares for them.

So, I guess my questions are these....
~will unmatched black suits look odd?
~have you had any experiences with renting suits?
~can you think of any other options?

We want to keep this as low cost as we can.  FWIW, we are having a late afternoon wedding, at the same place where we are having the reception ( no church).    We are not very formal people, and just want to do what is easiest for everyone.   I want it to look good, but not cookiecutter perfect.

Any input is appreciated.
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