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bridal party colors when the bride's dress is BLUSH!?

Hi there...
so here's my problem...

I'm having my wedding and reception at the Viceroy Palm Springs which is decorated in a crisp white with accents in black, canary yellow and pewter.  I was going to go with these colors but I just found "THE DRESS" and it just so happens to be BLUSH!  OY.

Blush as in...akin to an ivory at night and under lights...slight pink cast in daylight.  I think it will clash with canary yellow next to it so I now have NO idea as to what to put the groom, MOH, and BM in!!  We each have one attendant and I just don't want us to be all haphazard in our colors.  Any thoughts?  Outside wedding...reception is in a room that's mostly shades of gray/white/mirrored with deco lighting...

I'm using the hotel's canary yellow chairs and black and white couches for a lounge area so perhaps use the yellow as an accent only?  It's an "old Hollywood" kind of boutique hotel...


Re: bridal party colors when the bride's dress is BLUSH!?

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    I would try pinks and yellows- maybe black too.
    Im a visual person... can you post a picture of this venue? do they have a website?
    I glad you found the dress though! Blush is a very beautiful color!
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    It's not going to clash.  Trust me, I'm a painter; there are very few colors that don't work together.  If you're really concerned, put the girls in black with a yellow sash, or with yellow flowers.
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    I think black would be really elegant and so would grey. I love the colour blush so I'm excited to see a pic of your gown!
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    I think black would be perfect and very chic.  The yellow just depends on the shade.
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    I think black would be a nice choice..paired w/ white and a deep mustard yellow. accent with a slate grey.
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    I actually think pewter would look gorgeous, but there's definitely nothing wrong with a classic black dress.  I also don't think the yellow will clash, but I love bright colours. :)
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