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MJVO Couture -Etsy - DO NOT USE!

I originally ordered 4 bridesmaid dresses off of this site on Etsy - MJVO Couture.

First, I sent her a fabric swatch to match, which she failed to do well, but I decided the color would be fine.

The dresses then arrived in the wrong cut and also see through.

Sent back for "repairs". She added a column in the back to open up the skirts into A line instead of pencil. She also added a liner. the liner added a lot of weight that completely stretched out the fabric so the dresses no longer fit the girls.

This seller is only refunding me $40 for $118 dresses. I am livid! I have reported this case to Etsy. She claims she can't "loose money". 

Mind you this all happened 18 days before my wedding.

We ended up going with Henkaa - and they were gorgeous.

So whatever you do - stay away from MJVO Couture - she's completely unprofessional and provides terrible service. 
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Re: MJVO Couture -Etsy - DO NOT USE!

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    So sorry to hear you had to deal with this.  Hope you leave the seller appropriate feedback.  Glad you found beautiful dresses in the end!
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    Well it took over 4 months for the dresses to arrive so we can't leave feedback on etsy any longer. Etsy isnt doing anything to help me, which I am also angry about
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    I've used Megan several times & never had any issues. I'm sorry you had an issue, but Megan is generally very spot on & I've loved all of the dresses I've received from her. 

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    Her dresses would have even great if they arrived in the correct pattern.
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    Absolutely do not use this seller! I made a purchase 4 months ago, and still have no dresses and no refund. The seller has not been responding to messages since June. 
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