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New Hampshire

Susanne's Weddings

Did anyone use Susanne's Weddings (Florist) for their wedding?  I'd like to get some feedback.


Re: Susanne's Weddings

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    Hello, i used them, my reviews are in my bio! Hope its helpful, let me know if you have any specific questions i can answer.  good luck!
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    I used them for my wedding in September.

    I did not have a choice - as my venue uses them in their packages, so I can not compare them to any other florists....

    However... I had less than a stellar experience with them. I had quite a few issues with the colors of my flowers (I asked for all burgundy flowers and I got green and orange mixed in)and also with the design of some flowers on the gazebo outside (I asked for balls of flowers and got sprays). I was pretty clear of what I wanted and thought we were all on the same page. My cake designer called Susanne's to find out what my flower types/colors were and she gave them the wrong info - so my cake topper looked awful and out of place.

    When I got back from my honeymoon I contacted them and was told that I should have contacted them earlier on this matter (hello, I've been on my honeymoon?) and that if I told them the day of the wedding it could have been an easy fix and they would have 'cut out' the flowers that were the wrong color. Uh I don't think so! They should have gotten it right in the first place!  When I left my first consult I felt like Susanne had an understanding of what I wanted but obviously she did not. She even said she was surprised how I knew exactly what I wanted and I was "one of the easiest" brides she has worked with.

    The flowers themselves were pretty - but not what I ordered and the customer service was terrible.
    Like Babeegirl I also had problems with billing. The final payment I got was over $200 more than it should have been so if you use them watch out for that... Susanne said she had no idea how she came up with that figure. Nice!

    After a few rude emails back and forth they sent me a refund for some of the price of the flowers, along with a letter that still says I was wrong?? I'm happy I got a refund - however I would have rather they had just gotten it right in the first place.

    They have been in business for a long time, so I am sure they don't have issues like this often - so if you do decide to use them I would just be very very clear on what you expect and I would keep good notes on your conversations as well as recording prices and billing.

    Let me know if you need any other info - this was, believe it or not, the short version of my experience!

    Good luck!
    ~ Kelly
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    I have Susanne for my wedding. She has amazing work, she's extremely helpful, and she's been awesome to work with so far. 

    I think if you're interested you should probably just sit down and meet with her. I think if you're very clear on what you want and take notes like Kelstar said, hopefully there wont be any problems! Good Luck!
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