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Dress hunting tomorrow...

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to trail to a few stores to take a look at dresses as well as try on a few styles to get an idea of what is going to look best on me, but I have a few questions.
I was planning on bringing my own strap-less bra and clincher, will they allow me to try the dresses on with my own accessories? Also, I am a pant size 11, do wedding dresses run the same, or different? (Just so I know what size to ask for)

And lastly, I know you are to order the size in which you are now, but what is the alteration rule for taking in and letting out? I'm asking this just in case I fall in love with a dress and it is not available in my size, but a size smaller or larger. How many sizes can it be let out or taken in without potentially ruining details?

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