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cotton/silk Mother of the bride dress

Does anyone have suggestions for dreses/ websites companies that may sell a cotton or 100 % silk dress that my Mother could wear (she wants nothing to do with looking 'old' but yet wants to cover her shoulders and the skirt part must come mid calf or longer. Keep in mind I am getting married in July.

I found one on etsy for about 400 dollars but we would like to spend less thank 300.

thank you in advance!

Re: cotton/silk Mother of the bride dress

  • see the problem with department stores is they carry synthetic fabrics. Of course she has been looking as well as myself I just wanted to know if someone had any suggestions to make things maybe a little bit easier

    we are both allergic to synthetic fabrics which is why she is making my dress with a lining of 100 % cotton.

    Even places like Macy's and Lord and Taylor have mostly polyester or model fabrics.

    (it is very hard to shop at many stores even places like gap have switched to 60 % polyester 40% cotton, polyester is simply cheaper for stores to make and sell.
  • it sucks a lot for us to shop :(....it makes things really annoying.

    Once in a great while we have luck with JCpenny, or Jjill (though we are in Maine and dont have a ton of options for shopping)

    Our last resort is def to get a seamstress to make it. I dont want to put any extra sewing projects on her.
  • I was curious about fabrics (someone in my family has an unusual allergy to something in many mass-produced clothes) -- I tried googling "Organic cotton womens dress" - depending on how formal she'd like her dress, there are a few things out on the web that are definitely in your price range:
    Something like this:

    Or a sleeveless dress with a cardigan/shawl/etc combo might be easier to look for:

    Happy hunting!
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