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flower girl dresses

I am looking for REASONABLY priced flower girl dresses.  The bridal shops all seem very expensive for a dress that will most likely only be worn once.  I have a hard time asking for the parents to spend $100 on a dress for their 5 yr old.  I've also got my heart set on having my three flower girls in the same dress but in different colors that correspond to the colors that I have chosen.  I'm not really into the whole communion dress with a colored sash thing.  Any ideas of great places to look?  online would be great given that one of my girls is out of state.

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    We got ours from JCPenney's online, but you are limited with color options.  They pretty much have white, pink, and yellow so you probably couldn't execute your vision.  However, it was only $30 and super cute!
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    Does it have to be a "flower girl" dress per se?  I mean, all the Easter dresses are out right now at the department stores; I'm sure you could find something you like at Macy;s or Penney;s for much cheaper than a bridal store is going to charge for something not that different.
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    Ditto pp. JC Penny's, Macy's etc have a great selection as well as looking for communion dresses when that time comes! The DB dresses are cute too!
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    Super cute! This is where I got mine.

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    I don't know how old your flower girl(s) are, but mine is 4 and one wedding trend I am absolutely OBSESSED with at this point are flower girl tutus.

    I always hated the "communion dress" as well as the miniature bride dress. They're little girls! Let them look like it! I have a very romantic style though, and the idea of a sweet little flower girl walking down the aisle in a frilly tutu is just so cute to me.

    The plus side to this being, they can wear a simple tank on top and you can add floral embellishments to a simple tutu bought online...or! You could DIY it for super cheap. Just some thoughts :)
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    This is where I bought my daughter's dress. It's absolutely perfect and cost $50!
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